Here is a list of links you may find interesting.


Alternative Medical Opinions


Natural Medicine of Stillwater (Naturopathic Medicine).

Dr. Mercola 

Dr Al Sears, MD website and his PACE exercise program

Cholesterol Controversy  

Natural Medicine Journal

Natural News

Winning Cancer Article  

Information on GMO's

Weston A Price Foundation website for health and diet information

Links on the Embrace Healing Cancer website 

Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation information on the research on diet and its effects on health

Selene River Press a site to order books on diet and health issues

IFNH, International Foundation of Nutrition and Health

Better Water Quality information on better water

Holistic Dentistry site for holistic dentistry

Sugar health issues 141 reasons sugar damages your health

Health Freedom USA a site for those who want to get involve,,, provide information on drugs and drug interactions

Numbers Needed to Treat using medical procedures/medications for specific conditions

Medical Dangers in America by Consumer Dangers 


Emotional Health


Equilibriya Behavioral Health and Wellness (Somatic Emotional Technique for Trauma).

Byron Katie  on Loving What Is

Leonard Jacobson on Being Present

Michael Brown on The Presence Process

Dr. Bruce Lipton author of Biology of Belief 

Joy of Cancer  on how one woman beat stage 4 breast cancer








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