Welcome to my website.  My name is Dr. Leif Erik Schley and I offer complete holistic health care to my patients.  My goal is to address the underlying issues causing your pain, discomforts or other health issues.

The Balance of Health

Disease, pain or other discomforts are caused by imbalances in the person's life. These imbalances can occur in the structure, nutrition, emotions, habits or in the lifestyle of the person.  The first priority of the body is to heal.  If the body cannot heal, it will adapt, which can be mistaken for healing since the symptom disappeared.  This allows you to keep functioning.

You may ask, “What’s wrong with adaptation if I can still function pain free?”  The answer is nothing, for the short term, however, adaptation is like paying off a credit card bill by making minimum payments, it will cost you more in the end.  Whereas healing is like paying off the entire card at the end of the month.  The price of long term adaptation is your health, well being, your ability to handle stress and your youth.  Yes, adaptation makes you age faster.  

The question now is, “What prevents the body from healing?”  The answer basically comes down to identifying 'what you are getting too much of', 'what you are deficient in' and 'what the blocks are in your life'.  This is where true diagnosis is needed.  For true healing to occur, these factors need to be addressed.  


The Holistic Approach

The body is complex and often needs to be treated on multiple levels for a holistic approach.  For simplicity, let’s divide these levels into three categories; Physical, Chemical, Electromagnetic/Emotional. This approach addresses the Triad of Health.
The holistic approach is to bring the patient back into balance on all these levels.  So a patient being treated for the symptoms is also being treated as a whole person at each of these levels in order to heal the source of the symptoms  Since we are all different, we need different treatments and lifestyle recommendations.  So one patient’s treatment will be different from another.  In other words, there is no one cure for one disease or imbalance.   By properly addressing the patients underlying issues, the conditions are changed and complaints can be effectively treated.

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