What is Chiropractic?


Founded in 1895 by Daniel David Palmer, chiropractic recognizes that all functions within the body are controlled by the nervous system.  Chiropractic is a natural method of health care that focuses on treating the causes of physical problems without the use of shots, drugs or surgery. It addresses the structural framework of the human body, mainly the nervous, muscular and skeletal systems. Structural imbalances in the body can range from twisting an ankle or arthritis to compromise of nerve signals, which exit and enter the spinal column on their way to the brain.  Since nerves travel from the spinal cord to all the muscles, organs and cells and control much of the body's function, compromised nerve signals can cause a wide range of health problems. Maintaining proper alignment of the spinal column is critical to good health. If one or more of the spinal bones called vertebrae are out of alignment, there will be interference to the nerves, which can result in pain and/or abnormal functioning of muscles, organs, etc. Chiropractic helps people recover from auto accidents and sports injuries to the more complicated sciatic and disc problems. Chiropractic can help with headaches and fatigue, two of the most common medical complaints. Even heart palpitations, gastrointestinal distress, breathing difficulties and eczema symptoms have been relieved by chiropractic care when the cause was from nerve interference due to misalignment of the spine.  For more information on the function of the spine click here


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