What makes us unique among other chiropractors or health care providers?


Patient Focused Care, Not Problem Focused Care

When you come in for an appointment, we will not spend our time just worrying about your main complaints which brought you to us in the first place.  We will look at you as a whole person, considering what really set up your main complaints and your minor ones as well.  Often most people and practitioners look at these complaints as completely separate issues and sometimes they are.  However, often they are linked to a common cause which can be revealed with a thorough history and exam.  Often, side effects of this form of treatment is increased energy and loss of those few stubborn pounds. 

Time Spent Per Patient

We spend an average of twenty minutes treatment time with my patients and an hour and a half exam time.  Many of our peers and MD's only spend five minutes with their patients.  How much evaluation and treatment can be done in five minutes versus twenty?  Imagine what we can find during the exam with all that time.  Some doctors will schedule twenty minutes per appointment, but often most of the treatment time is spent with a Chiropractic Assistant doing some form of physical therapy.  When you see us, it is just the doctor and the patient in the room at all times where we are actually evaluating and treating you with personalized care and recommendations.

Nutritional Needs 

We perform nutritional evaluations on our patients and provide nutritional supplements to those who need them.  We only give out what is needed and don't tend to give anything long term, except for basic multivitamins, minerals and oils.  We try to keep the cost down low, while giving out effective nutritional support.  The result is that you don't end up leaving my office with hundreds of dollars worth of supplements.

Cranial Adjustments 

Between the two of us, we have been trained in five different cranial techniques. Some of them are very gentle and some, shall we say, are more direct.  We have corrected tight muscles instantly with the correct cranial adjustments.  Often the gentle techniques such as Cranial Sacral Therapy do not correct these conditions. However, there is a place for them as well.  Many doctors or chiropractors are not aware or even trained in these techniques.


Specific Adjustments, Not Generalized Manipulations

The adjustments we perform are very specific.  We don't do generalized spinal manipulations which is common among our peers. Specific adjustments target those areas, which are not moving, thus removing the physical block, which needs to move in the first place.  Generalized spinal manipulations tend to move those joints around the one that really needs to move, giving the body a chance to adapt around the block and give temporary relief.  





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